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Engagement Ring 101: A Man’s Guide for the Perfect Ring Other than popping the question, shopping for the perfect engagement ring is one of the most overwhelming things to do when planning to propose. There are a lot of different kinds of rings making it difficult sometimes to make the decision of picking the right one. There are a few points to consider when shopping for a ring and these points are intended to help even the most confident man make the right purchase. The budget is always the first thing to look into when you get to the part where you will be buying an engagement ring. If this working budget is not present, a man can easily get distracted with all the options presented to him and he is likely to overspend. An engagement ring can go up to several thousands of dollars depending on the material used to manufacture it. It is ideal to be realistic when making allocating a budget for the ring. After the proposal, there will be a lot of expenses to prepare for when the wedding bells toll. That said, it is never a smart decision to spend too much on a single item. Asking your friends for tips on where to shop would also prove to be an advantage when shopping for a ring. Your friends or family can provide you with ideas on where to get the best deals in town. Your friends, especially those who have recently gotten engaged or married are sure to have a store in mind. They can also help you out in secretly measuring the finger size of your soon to be wife.
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Guys have the tendency to pick the first thing that their eyes lay on. Men are not so into shopping, but this should not be an excuse to spend effort and time in looking for the best engagement ring. Shop around and look at other shops. Other stores probably has some of the best offers and you will be missing out on a lot of things if you stop in one store.
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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but let’s face it, diamonds are also expensive. Center stones need not be limited to diamonds as there are a lot of gems to choose from. Think of what your girlfriend would want to wear on a daily basis, other than a diamond if you cannot afford it. The center stone is the highlight of the ring and it will make a difference once you go down on one knee. Engagement rings are made of different kind of metals and this is one of the considerations you should have on your checklist. Gold has always been the traditional choice, but there are other metals available for rings. A good tip in knowing the best metal to choose is by looking at the kind of jewelry they are comfortable wearing on a daily basis. White gold and platinum are two of the best alternatives to gold when it comes to engagement rings.