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Various studies done on housing have come up with numerous findings that relay more information surrounding the issue of housing among different groups of people. consider the studies done on the positive as well as the adverse impact of housing in the city areas have proved to be of significance.

Nevertheless, there is a notable information gap in regards to the influence of a place where a person lives and the crime levels in that area. peaceful and cool environment ought to be the perfect residence of the old people, as they would enjoy increasing their life span. However, when old people are housed in an area full of many people there are high chances that they would not survive for a long time.

According to arguments of various health practitioners, offering more freedom to a person to build in any peace where he or he thinks he can find peace is better because it would make that person to be free. Training freedom of choice on a person is another factor that limits health complication on a person In urban neighborhoods there are changes caused by the influx of middle class and affluent statuses in an area. This would counter the freedom of a person because too many people within a community might be boring.

Moreover, annexation of people of different classes in community pose another challenge mostly on the high and low class. The inversion of the middle class, high-class people in a poor area tends to yield to adverse effects on those they are creative inhabitants. For example, change from a low-working class or rather low income to a middle-working class or affluent status of the community would create a great difference. These factors include lifestyle, education accomplishment, high rent rates and increase of the levels of crimes.

However, combination of different people of diverse classes has positive outcomes in a community though the adverse effects tend to be more severe on the low-income earners. Another factor worth considering about housing of the old people is that they need to stay close to where their relatives are. This is because such people require high care as most of the activities they cannot be able to perform. Sense of belonging is factor that would increase the life of old people as they see their grand children play with them in the field and take care of them. building up an aging friendly home entails making sure that the old people in the family live the highest level of comfort in the world. the old people in the society forms a section of some of the vulnerable people who need accurate care because very small things might end up having a devastating effect on their lives. . In essence, housing and resettling the oil forks are two dependent factors to consider