Month: July 2018

A Fast and Simple Way to Sell A Home

Selling your home can be a major ordeal. All the paperwork can be an intimidating procedure. You will want to have the support of professionals who can navigate all the paperwork and sales process for you. Realtors are one option, if you don’t mind paying all their fees and waiting for them to find a buyer. Another option if you want to sell your home fast is to call a “we buy houses company”.

Using a company that is willing to buy your house for cash can save weeks or even months of work and headache. These companies are willing to purchase homes that are in any shape. They can be in pristine shape or in need of extensive work. There is no work for you to do, cash home buyers will come and do the work after the sale. Homeowners who find themselves in a hurry to sell a home quickly will want to consider using a cash home buyer.

The process is simple. An experienced home purchaser will me with you, assess your property and give you any offer within a few days or less. The process can be completed within thirty days in most cases. You may have inherited property, want to sell your rental, or had a job transfer. No matter what the reason is for the sale cash property buyers can move the process forward with no long delays for you once the offer is accepted.

Realtors can tie you up in a contract for six months to a year. If they are unable to sell your home, you are under contract for the length of the agreement. There are realtor fees involved based on the sales price of your home. This can be thousands of dollars. You may find that your realtor is … Read More

Selling Real Estate You No Longer Use

When you first bought your timeshare, you may have imagined yourself using it all of the time. You probably planned on using it for a vacation or second home, only to realize that you never used it as often as you would have wished.

Despite not using it, you still have to cover the expenses that come with owning it. You have to pay taxes, insurance, and other costs that can take a toll on your budget. Rather than maintain real estate that you cannot use, you can find out more online about liquidating properties, selling vacation homes, and timeshare transfers today.


Getting a Fair Market Value

You might have entertained the idea of selling your timeshare in the past. However, given the shaky housing market of the last decade, you might not have been able to get a fair market value for the listing. People may have wanted you to come down significantly on the price or consider other buying options like lease to own or covering the closing costs. These terms could have put you at a financial disadvantage during the transaction.

When you use the resources on the website, you can discover the fair market value for your timeshare and what you are able to get out of it from the company. The company offers a fair price for your real estate, allowing you to recover most or all of the expenses you might have put out on it already.

Legalities of Selling

When you bought the timeshare, you entered into a contract that came with stringent legal criteria. You may have been barred from selling or renting the property within a certain time frame. With this in mind, you might think that you cannot sell your timeshare at all.

The company knows how to purchase … Read More

Why You May Need to Sell Your Home Fast

There are about 90 percent of people in America who end up getting married by the age of 50 years old, but about 40-50 percent of people who are married in the United States end up getting a divorce. Going through a divorce can be very difficult on you and your family members. There are many things that are affected in life from getting a divorce, such as your children, your work, your finances and your home. When you are going through a divorce it is very important that all the details are clearly worked out. Many times, finances are one of the biggest issues when going through a divorce because it becomes a very complex area to divide equally. Your home is also one of the most difficult areas to settle when trying to get through a divorce. It becomes very difficult to decide who is going to get what. When you are offered the home in the divorce, sometimes selling the home is one of your best options to survive.

When a divorce is in the air, the best option to figuring out who will get the home is selling the home. Many times, spouses who are getting a divorce have a huge disagreement on who will be owning the home after the divorce. Sometimes, one spouse contributed more money than the other spouse, leaving one spouse to feel more entitled. The other spouse may feel that they are owed the home because of all the work that was invested in the home by them. For whatever the reason, there will always be a disagreement between the spouses in who will get what. It is critical that spouses try to work together in finding out what is fair for both parties. You need to think about how the … Read More